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NTH Stapelfeldt – Yeterian deals with used trucks and truck parts with over twenty years of experience. Our business is mainly focused on the reconditioning of gearboxes
and axles. Furthermore, we deal with used, reconditioned, and
new parts for trucks, busses, and utility vehicles.
 Another focus is the reconditioning and repair of
steering gears for all trucks and commercial vehicles.

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  • LKW Kabine Actros, An- und Verkauf von LKWs, Nutzfahrzeugen und Unfallwagen

    Purchase and sale

    We buy and sell trucks, garbage trucks, broken, crashed and used commercial vehicles. Such as: MAN, Mercedes, Renault, Iveco, Volvo, Scania, Faun and Atlas. If you want to sell parts, we will be glad to receive your inquiry, because we are always looking for parts for transmission repair and similar segments.

    Send us an e-mail or call us.
    An- und Verkauf 
  • Lkw Differentialen und Lkw Achsen von MAN, Mercedes, Benz, Scania, Iveco und Volvo Instandsetzung

    Differential and axle repair

    We also perform repairs and reconditioning of truck differentials and truck axles.

    For example, for truck axles from MAN, Mercedes, Benz, Scania, Iveco and Volvo.

    Truck differentials from NTH's overhaul shop are sold with a 12-month warranty.

    Differentiale & Achsteile 
  • LKW Ersatzteile, LKW Getriebe Foto vom Lager

    Truck spare parts

    We offer a wide range of used
    engine parts, such as engine blocks, crankshafts,
    cylinder heads
    and much more.

    We can offer you overhauled complete engines and hull engines in cooperation with engine reconditioners we trust.

    Also check out our great value offers on used commercial vehicles, attachments and cabs.

    LKW Ersatzteile 

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